Frontiers in Urban Water Management

Frontiers in Urban Water Management

Frontiers in Urban Water Management presents the state-of-the art in urban water management at the beginning of the 21st century. 

The book marks the end of the fifth phase of UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme in this field by bringing together major scientific and professional players to address critical and topical issues in water management. This team of leading world experts investigate themes such as the challenges of urban water management, infrastructure integration issues, and emerging paradigms in water supply and sanitation. 

Key issues are investigated from the hydrological, technical and managerial points of view, incorporating both social and economic realities. Specific reference is also made to solutions for developing countries.

With a view to the future, conclusions from past experiences are highlighted, new pathways are explored and future developments are suggested.


  • The challenge of urban water management                             
  • Urban water as a part of integrated catchment management                            
  • Interactions with the environment                             
  • Infrastructure integration issues                             
  • Emerging paradigms in water supply and sanitation                             
  • Problems of developing countries                             
  • Economic and financial aspects                             
  • Social, institutional and regulatory issues                             
  • Outlook for the 21st Century