Basic Water Treatment: Fifth Edition

Basic Water Treatment: Fifth Edition

Basic Water Treatment 5e is an essential reference and primer on all aspects of water quality and treatment principles and processes.

This accessible introduction and practical guide to water treatment focuses on the issues of most interest to practising engineers, summarising the key issues and criteria in short and accessible sections, with additional theory to explain and support the treatment processes considered.

Updated, revised and expanded, the fifth edition includes details of the different approaches taken to the ownership, regulation and institutional structures of water supply across the British Isles and a new chapter on sizing of water treatment plants. The technical content has been expanded to include additional processes, such as enhanced coagulation and ceramic membranes, and in other areas, such as ion exchange and contact tank design. Other developing concerns, including chemicals associated with contraceptives and the carbon footprint of water supply, are covered in the new edition.

Basic Water Treatment is an essential resource for water engineers at all levels  a textbook for students, a handbook for engineers or chemists who are new to the industry, and an indispensable guide full of updated practical information for the established practitioner.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Structure of British Water Industry; Quality of water; Overview of water treatment; Preliminary treatment; Coagulation and occulation; Coagulants and coagulant aids; Theory and principles of clarification; Types of clarifiers; Filtration; Membrane processes; Other processes; Disinfection; Waterworks wastes and sludge; Private water supplies; Water safety plans; Sizing of Water Treatment Plants; Water demand and use; Sample calculations; Comparison of different drinking water-quality standards; Glossary; SI units and basic conversion factors.

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