Microbial Growth in Drinking Water Supplies

Microbial Growth in Drinking Water Supplies

Maintaining the microbial quality in distribution systems and connected installations remains a challenge for the water supply companies all over the world, despite many years of research. This book identifies the main concerns and knowledge gaps related to regrowth and stimulates cooperation in future research.

Microbial Growth in Drinking Water Supplies provides an overview of the regrowth issue in different countries and the water quality problems related to regrowth.  The book assesses the causes of regrowth in drinking water and the prevention of regrowth by water treatment and distribution.

Dirk van der Kooij and Paul W.J.J. van der Wielen, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, The Netherlands


General Introduction, D. van der Kooij and P.W.J.J. van der Wielen; Measurement of biostability and impacts on water treatment, M. W. LeChevallier; Removal of organic matter in water treatment systems- Case studies in Japan, Y. Watanabe; Organic matter, pipe materials, disinfectants and biofilms in distribution systems , A. K. Camper; Safe distribution without a disinfectant residual, G.J. Medema, P. Smeets, M. Blokker and J.H.M. van Lieverloo; Legionella pneumophila in community-water supplies and potable-water systems; a review, D. van der Kooij; Opportunistic pathogens in drinking water in the Netherlands, P. W.J.J. van der Wielen, Ronald Italiaander, Bart A. Wullings, Leo Heijnen and Dick van der Kooij; The last meters before the tap: where drinking water quality is at risk, Hans Curt Fleming, Bernd Bendinger, Martin Exner, Jurgen  Gebel,Thomas Kistemann, Gabriela Schaule, Ulrich Szwezyk, Jost Wingender; Invertebrates in drinking-water systems, J. H.M van Lieverloo, W. Hoogenboezem, G. Veenendaal and D. van der Kooij; Emerging issues of biological stability in drinking water distribution systems, Michele Prevost, Marei Claude Besner, Patrick Laurwent and Pierre Servais; Regrowth problems and biological stability assessment in the Netherlands, Dick van der Kooij and Harm R. Veenendaal; Enhancement of microbial growth by materials in contact with drinking water: problems and test methods, Beate Hambsch, John Ashworth and Dick van der Kooij; Optimization of design and operation of distribution systems to preserve water quality and maintain customer satisfaction , Jan H.G. Vreeburg; Research Needs, Dick van der Kooij and Paul. W.J.J. van der Wielen

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