Public Private Partnerships in the Water Sector

Public Private Partnerships in the Water Sector

Public sector funding and resources are often inadequate to meet increasing demands for investment and effective management, and a growing case history shows increasing involvement by the private sector in provision of infrastructure and services through PPP arrangements. The objective of this book is to determine, and make recommendations on, means of optimizing the use of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in development of infrastructure whilst ensuring the sustainable long term provision of water and wastewater services. The focus is on providing detailed recommendations on contractual issues and contract structures to achieve this objective.

Public Private Partnerships in the Water Sector - Innovation and Financial Sustainability:

  • Identifies what is needed to establish effective and sustainable water and wastewater service reform when using a PPP arrangement, and importantly how those issues can be addressed contractually.
  • Provides specific recommendations of a comprehensive and detailed approach to contract drafting to ensure effective, sustainable and long term provision of water and wastewater services, including an approach for adaptation of public procurement procedures for PPP arrangements.
  • Recommends a proposed approach to dealing with the influence of imperfect or unavailable data on the long term effectiveness or sustainability.

This is a practical and pragmatic book in which the authors share their considerable experience on devising and implementing PPPs in the water sector. It is aimed primarily at practitioners working with developing countries but its recommendations will also be suitable for application in developed countries. It is also a useful reference for postgraduates and academics studying infrastructure development.

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