Water and Wastewater Finance and Pricing: The Changing Landscape

Water and Wastewater Finance and Pricing: The Changing Landscape

This new edition of Water and Wastewater Finance and Pricing: The Changing Landscape analyses the process for developing an effective financial plan, focusing on components such as public and private sector financing, credit facilities, system development charges, interest rates, cost of debt issuance, and market conditions.

  • Fully revised throughout, with new coverage of water reuse pricing, stormwater pricing, computer modelling of financial systems, risk management, and more
  • Provides case studies of utilities that have adopted effective finance and pricing approaches and systems
  • Discusses delivery methods for design, construction, and operation of facilities as well as legal, labour, and regulatory issues
  • Provides technical and policy insights to utility governing boards



The Changing Landscape of Water and Wastewater Finance and Pricing. Part One: Financing Water and Wastewater Services. The First Step: Establishing a Strong Management Foundation. Developing The Utilitys Strategic Financial Plan. Public Sector Financing Options  Long-Term Financing, Short-Term Financing, And Credit Enhancements. The Role of Public Private Partnerships and Alternative Delivery Methods. System Development Charges. Part Two: Water and Wastewater Pricing. Water and Wastewater Pricing Process. Identification of Revenue Requirements. Determination of Cost of Service. Designing a Water and Wasterwater Rate Structure. Emerging Pricing Approaches: An Alternative to Traditional Rate Structures. Designing an Effective Computer Model and Rate Dashboard. Managing Risks in Rate Design. Wholesale and Wheeling Rates. Water Reuse Rates. Part Three: Selecting the Appropriate Financial and Rate Approach and Gaining Stakeholder Commitment. Selecting the Appropriate Financial Plan and Rate Design. Balancing Community Sustainability and Financial Sufficiency. Public Outreach and Gaining Stakeholder Commitment. Part Four: Selected Topics. Benchmarking Water and Wastewater Rates and Charges. Valuation of Water and Wastewater Utility Assets. Affordability. Stormwater Management, Financial Planning and Rates. Appendices.


This title is co-published with CRC Press.

Author: George A. Raftelis, Raftelis Financial Consultants Inc., Charlotte, NC, USA.