Water Science & Technology is pleased to announce the second paper to be made Open Access as part of the Editor’s Choice series. In each issue, one paper selected by the Core Team of Editors will be made Open Access through a CC BY NC-ND license and shared across IWA Publishing platforms.


IWA Publishing is pleased to announce the second Editor's Choice paper, selected by Dr Leiv Rieger, which is now Open Access:

Coproduction of hydrogen and methane in a CSTR-IC two-stage anaerobic digestion system from molasses wastewater

Qiaoyan Li & Yongfeng Li

Water Science & Technology, January 2019; 79 (2): 270–277. https://doi.org/10.2166/wst.2019.042


Why was this paper selected as the Editor's Choice?

"The authors delivered a paper on coproducing hydrogen and methane in a novel process using a continuous two-stage reactor configuration to maximize energy recovery from molasses wastewater. In their extensive experiments they achieved a maximum of 71.06% conversion of the energy contained in the wastewater to biogas. The paper is very well written and follows the highest scientific standards. The material and methods section provides enough details to fully understand and appreciate the results and this would enable the reader to redo the experiments. My choice to select this paper the Editor’s Choice for the current issue of Water Science & Technology is based on the fact that the authors highlighted the relevance and novelty of this method, put it in context to published research, and described and discussed the results in a very structured and easy to read format. I will follow the future research of the authors and wish them success in their work."

Dr Leiv Reiger, Editor


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