Water Science & Technology is pleased to announce the third paper to be made Open Access as part of the Editor’s Choice series. In each issue, one paper selected by the Core Team of Editors will be made Open Access through a CC BY NC-ND license and shared across IWA Publishing platforms.


IWA Publishing is pleased to announce the third Editor's Choice paper, selected by Ivana Teodorovic, which is now Open Access:

Sustainable treatment systems for removal of pharmaceutical residues and other priority persistent substances 

C. Baresel, M. Ek, H. Ejhed, A.-S. Allard, J. Magnér, L. Dahlgren, K. Westling, C. Wahlberg, U. Fortkamp, S. Söhr, M. Harding, J. Fång & J. Karlsson

Water Science & Technology, February 2019; 79 (3): 537–543. doi: https://doi.org/10.2166/wst.2019.080 


Why was this paper selected as the Editor's Choice?

"For us – ecotoxicologists and basically all researchers outside of the “water treatment community”, who impatiently wait for a “miracle” water treatment to sweep out all the emerging pollutants and adverse biological effects they cause, this paper is an eye-opener. Unlike similar studies before, this paper critically evaluates relevant treatment technologies, their removal efficiency and limitations for different emerging pollutants, but more importantly, investment and operating costs, residual environmental impacts and future perspectives. The paper is clearly written even for non-specialists, but an almost popular science style should not mislead or worry anybody, in fact it is to the contrary, as this paper is based on the hardcore science, vast team experience and the published results of several highly relevant research projects. I warmly recommend it to PhD students and non-specialist environmental scientists while even a water treatment specialist might find it intriguing and dig deeper into the references cited. Congratulations again and I look forward to reading more work from you soon."

Ivana Teodorovic, Editor


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