Water Science & Technology is pleased to announce the fourth paper to be made Open Access as part of the Editor’s Choice series. In each issue, one paper selected by the Core Team of Editors will be made Open Access through a CC BY NC-ND license and shared across IWA Publishing platforms.


Discover the fourth Water Science & Technology Editor's Choice paper, selected by Guenter Langergraber, which is now Open Access:

Outflow dynamics in a French system of vertical wetlands operating with an extended feeding cycle

Mirene Augusta de Andrade Moraes, Jorge A. García Zumalacarregui, Camila Maria Trein, Vinícius Verna M. Ferreira, Marcos von Sperling

Water Science & Technology, February 2019; 79 (4): 699–708. doi: https://doi.org/10.2166/wst.2019.088


Why was this paper selected as the Editor's Choice?

"For this issue 79(4) I picked a paper from Brazil on French Vertical Flow (VF) wetlands. Why? French VF wetlands have been developed in France, and we now have over 30 years of experience with this technology. For conventional subsurface flow wetlands a primary treatment step is required to remove the particulate matter to prevent clogging. French VF wetlands are fed with raw wastewater, sludge and wastewater and are treated in one system.

For natural treatment technologies such as wetlands, design guides developed in temperate climates have to be adapted to be suitable for tropical conditions. Design guidelines have proven to facilitate more widespread applications of technologies. This paper presents a detailed study on the hydraulics of the system which was carried out at an experimental facility in Belo Horizonte under controlled conditions, however, the "experimental" French VF wetlands treats wastewater from around 100 people. This study is an important step for developing design guides for tropical regions and thus for wider application of treatment wetlands in general and French VF wetlands in particular."

Guenter Langergraber, Editor


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