By Sara Bosshart, Open Access Publisher

IWA Publishing is working on a number of initiatives to increase global access to important water research through Open Access. As part of this initiative, we have partnered with Knowledge Unlatched (KU), a library-crowd funding initiative, to raise funds to transition some of our most globally relevant papers to Open Access (OA).

Thanks to KU and the generous support of 49 library partners, we will be making a total of 16 papers Open Access in our Journal of Water & Health and 11 papers OA in our Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development over the course of 2019.

Papers to be made OA are selected by the Chief Editors of the journals based on their broad-scale importance to the water community and their potential interest to researchers in the developing world.

The first round of papers are now available as OA and can be accessed via the following links:


Journal of Water & Health

Survey of US wastewater for carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

Analysis of building plumbing system flushing practices and communications

Validation and in-field testing of a new on-site qPCR system for quantification of Legionella pneumophila according to ISO/TS 12869:2012 in HVAC cooling towers

Variability of residual chlorine in swimming pool water and determination of chlorine consumption for maintaining hygienic safety of bathers with a simple mass balance model

Presence of emerging contaminants in urban water bodies in southern Brazil

Salmonella and the changing environment: systematic review using New York state as a model

Modification of the Thomas model for predicting unsymmetrical breakthrough curves using an adaptive neural-based fuzzy inference system 


Journal of Water Sanitation & Hygiene For Development

Relationships between shared sanitation facilities and diarrhoeal and soil-transmitted helminth infections: an analytical review

When the pits fill up: (In)visible flows of waste in urban India



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