To celebrate Open Access Week 2023, explore the most read Open Access research across all our journals so far this year!


GTAR: a new ensemble evolutionary autoregressive approach to model dissolved organic carbon


Impact of bioretention cells in cities with a cold climate: modeling snow management based on a case study


Water infiltration rate in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal amidst present urbanization and land-use change


Land-use and land-cover change and its impact on flood hazard occurrence in Wabi Shebele River Basin of Ethiopia


Implementación de embalses en cálculos hidrológicos con Iber


Effects of pumping flow rates on the estimation of hydrogeological parameters


Flood risk assessment using analytical hierarchy process: A case study from the Cheliff-Ghrib watershed, Algeria


First evidence of free-living Naegleria species in recreational lakes of Alberta, Canada


An exploration of market organic sanitary products for improving menstrual health and environmental impact


Need to adopt scaled decentralized systems in the water infrastructure to achieve sustainability and build resilience


Impacts of illegal solid waste dumping on the water quality of the Mthatha River


Tannery effluent treatment and its environmental impact: a review of current practices and emerging technologies


Bioremoval efficiency and metabolomic profiles of cellular responses of Chlorella pyrenoidosa to phenol and 4-fluorophenol


Microplastics in wastewater treatment plants: Sources, properties, removal efficiency, removal mechanisms, and interactions with pollutants


Water scarcity and excess: water insecurity in cities of Nepal


A novel approach for estimating and predicting uncertainty in water quality index model using machine learning approaches


Sewage sludge derived biochar for environmental improvement: Advances, challenges, and solutions

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