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Welcome to our online careers resource,, brought to you by Water21, magazine of the International Water Association.

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As well as the opportunities available in the links opposite, we also publish 'A World of Opportunities - Working in the International Water Sector'. A new edition is now available for 2014.

world of opportunities 2014

This publication offers free guidance to help shape early career decisions and is a collaboration between IWA's Young Water Professionals Programme, Water21 magazine and the website. 'A world of opportunities - working in the water sector' is an annual publication launched in 2008. Containing articles covering key issues affecting the water sector and profiles of individuals working within it, 'A world of opportunities - working in the water sector' highlights the significance of the sector and the diversity of career opportunities that exist.

Water and wastewater utilities and other organisations in the sector face a recruitment challenge. There is an ageing workforce, whose skills and expertise need to be handed on to a new generation. At the same time, the sector needs to attract the brightest talent from an ever-widening range of disciplines. This talent is needed to deliver solutions to the issues faced in the sector and to respond to the business opportunities these present.

Contents include:

  • Articles highlighting the many different aspects of working in the world of water and the key issues affecting the sector
  • Short profiles of individuals already working in the sector
  • Career development resources

World of Opportunities 2014-2015 is available to download here