IWA Publishing Team


Rod Cookson: Managing Director, rod [dot] cookson [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk


Journals and Production

Emma Gulseven: Head of Editorial & Production, egulseven [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk

Michelle Herbert: Managing Editor, mherbert [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk

Nikki Tomlinson:  Journals Production Editor, ntomlinson [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk

Manika Power: Journals Production Editor, mpower [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk

Emma Buckingham: Senior Editorial Assistant, ebuckingham [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk

Niall Cunniffe: Production Editor, ncunniffe [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk



Mark Hammond: Books Commissioning Editor, mhammond [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk


Open Access

Sara Bosshart: Open Access Publisher, sbosshart [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk


Sales & Marketing

Margarita Lygizou: Head of Sales & Marketing, mlygizou [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk

Sarah Cooper: Sales & Marketing Operations Executive, scooper [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk

Jim Eisenberg: Insights & Bibliometrics Analyst, jeisenberg [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk

Laura Day: Sales & Marketing Assistantlday [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk


Sales & Customer Service

Turpin Distribution Ltd, iwap [at] turpin-distribution [dot] co [dot] uk

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