AQUA (soon to be relaunched as AQUA – Water Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Society)  is pleased to announce the first in a series of Editor’s Choice papers. These papers, specially selected by the new Editors-in-Chief Prof. Shuming Liu and Dr Pernille Ingildsen, will be made Open Access to allow them to be accessed by the maximum number of readers. Papers are chosen which particularly highlight interesting or new aspects of the journal’s scope.

This first paper was chosen by Prof. Shuming Liu, who says:

Accurate metering of water consumption is crucial for socially fair pricing and a proper water balance for apparent loss control. So, which type of meter should you select? What should be taken into consideration? This is the paper you should read to answer these questions. Firstly, instead of complicated mathematical inference, this paper provides an experimental evaluation of water meter accuracy under various flow rates and water pressures, which is easier for water engineers to understand. Secondly, it states that the flow pattern is a vital factor influencing metering accuracy, which gives a clear message that not only the meter itself, but also working conditions should be taken into consideration in meter selection. If you are looking for advice for meter selection and apparent loss control, you shouldn't miss this.

Read the first #OpenAccess AQUA Editor's Choice Paper here: 

An experimental analysis on accuracy of customer water meters under various flow rates and water pressures

I. Ethem Karadirek

Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology-Aqua (2020) 69 (1): 18–27



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