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Professor Hsin-Hsin Tung, Editor for Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology - AQUA



Why is Journal of Water Supply: Research & Technology - AQUA important to the field?
AQUA is important to the field of water supply because it is one of the few journals targeting water treatment and water supply. There are many “water” related journals, but many of them concerning a very broad issues of water. AQUA is very specialized in “water supply”. The authors and audience are also closely related to their research field.

What ongoing/upcoming trend or development do you think will be a game changer for the field?

  1. The smart city, or “smart” water supply system. Due to climate change, we will all be facing water shortage problems in the near future. We will need to combine many methods to overcome the issue. We can distribute water wisely. Using current IT technologies (similar to smart electric grid systems, but with water), we can operate urban water distribution systems with better pressure control, lower energy consumption, and fewer water leaks, etc.
  2. The other is to “create” water from unconventional sources. We have already come such a long way in water conservation, but the amount of water we can save in domestic use is limited. People still need water in their day to day life. How can we obtain fresh water from places where no one else would? For example, water harvesting using a tree-like structure that captures moisture from the air and condenses it to water which can then be collected.
  3. Another field is disinfection. We have been disinfecting our water for more than 100 years. Most life microorganisms in drinking water are acclimated to chlorine. We are living with a pack of chlorine resistant microbes. Just like antibiotics, we may one day find chlorine- & antibiotic-resistant pathogens in our tap water. So we might have to re-consider the disinfection strategies currently in practice.

How would you say AQUA stands out from other journals focusing on supply research technologies?
AQUA is published by a well-known organization, making it more “credible” compared to other journals (there are so many predatory publications around). In addition, it is one of the few that specializes in water supply. Papers published in AQUA will be recognized, read and cited by more researchers in the same field.


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