Ask the Editor:

Associate Professor Daisuke Sano, Editor for Journal of Water & Health



Why is Journal of Water & Health (JWH) important to the field?

There are so many water-related research fields, such as water development, water policy, and sanitation. The issue of human health is always involved in these water-related research activities, because human health needs to be protected under any conditions defined by water usage styles. JWH is the important forum for discussing how to manage risks to human health in any type of water usage.

What ongoing/upcoming trend or development do you think will be a game changer for the field?

I’m expecting that research activities related to SDG6 will be accelerated, which may include the evaluation of SDG6 intervention efficacy for waterborne infectious diseases. Novel technologies and new management systems for water usage and sanitation may emerge though the investment based on SDG6.

What key piece of advice do you wish more first-time authors would know before submitting?

It is important to let first-time authors know that IWA Publishing is supporting Reaserch4Life and there is a possibility to waive Open Access fees for authors from the countries in the list from Research4Life.


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