Ask the Editor:

Professor Bennett L. Bearden, Associate Editor for Water Policy



Why is Water Policy important to the field?

Water Policy is a premier, peer-reviewed journal which has a uniquely multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to water resources policy.

It recognizes the growing need to build a capacity for integrated water management and offers in-depth analyses of policy and legal regimes. Good science and engineering are meaningless if you cannot translate them into policy, public benefits and good, and resiliency. It is a diverse journal that links engineering, science, social science, business, economic legislation, regulation, management, infrastructure, policy and law. Water Policy leverages the ubiquitous data, robust science, and societal drivers to support informed policymaking on water resource issues from the national to the local scale with actionable policymaking intelligence.

 What ongoing development do you think will be a game changer for the field?

Increased community resilience to water-related issues, from summit to the sea, informed by data-driven policymaking. We can also expect to see increased focus on methods and policies for sharing water in rich and poor countries and regions and surrounding issues of policy and governance.

What would you say makes Water Policy stand out from other water-focused journals?

Water Policy can be seen as an integrated water management regionalization – the coming together of communities that can be informed by data and enriched by information. Armed with that information, they can make policy across and within state boundaries that allow them to provide resiliency and to thrive in a constantly changing water resources policy spectrum.


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