Ask the Editor:

Professor Wolfgang Rauch, Editor-in-Chief for Water Science & Technology



Why is Water Science & Technology (WST) important to the field?

Water Science & Technology (WST) dates back nearly half a century and thus the journal articles cover most of the history of the field. But much more important than being a memory of the developments in water science, this has also lead to a huge readership, making the journal a flagship for the promotion of science-based technology development. Likewise important is the large coverage of topics in the articles which is guaranteed by the journal’s strong link to the most important organisation in the water field, i.e. IWA (International Water Association). As such WST is the scientific outlet of the organization’s members for practice-related aspects in water quality management. 

What ongoing/upcoming trend or development do you think will be a game changer for the field?

Management of water quality – as it is encompassed by WST – spans a wide range of topics. Likewise, trends and developments that drive the field are manifold. But with a focus on game changing influences I would like to mention the following:

  1. Climate change and its effect on water resources and pluvial flooding in urban areas.
  2. Upcoming non-grid solutions in urban water management, that hopefully can provide for a larger distribution of hygienic conditions worldwide.
  3. The advent of digitalization, that potentially can introduce novel water management ideas/technologies.

WST provides a platform to discuss and explore those aspects.

What unique aspect of the journal do you think is attractive to the readership?
WST offers a unique mixture of practice related topics and scientific content. Our readership are both scientists, working on questions that relate to relevant and practical problems in the field of water management, and practitioners that want to keep up (and apply) the latest developments from research. We strive to maintain this balance in the journal.  


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