Author interview: Michiel Tukker, co-author of Hydraulic Design and Management of Wastewater Transport Systems


What are your particular areas of expertise?  

At the Industrial Hydrodynamics department of Deltares we mainly focus on detailed hydrodynamics and flows through pumps and pipeline systems. I’ve worked on both numerical and experimental projects, including fast pressure transients, multiphase flow, non-newtonian (slurry) flow. Our department also produces and sells a piece of hydraulic simulation software called WANDA, for which I am one of the developers.

I’m currently working on a wide variety of projects, including hydraulic analysis of large pumping stations, integrating our WANDA software in an operator training simulator and coupling of the WANDA software to other numerical simulation models.


What you would say is the most unique feature of your book, Hydraulic Design and Management of Wastewater Transport Systems?

The most important feature is that the book is the result of a desire of the Dutch community of waste water professionals to share their knowledge. The book is a compilation of the experience and knowledge of the Dutch waste water community, not just the knowledge of the three authors. This makes the book a very practical guideline of designers, while still including the theoretical background.


Who would you like to reach with your book? Tell us about your target audience and what you aim to achieve with Hydraulic Design and Management of Wastewater Transport Systems.

Our main target with the original (Dutch) version of the book was the Dutch designers of wastewater systems. However, with the publication of Hydraulic Design and Management of Wastewater Transport Systems, we are aiming at designers of wastewater systems worldwide. Not everything in the book may be directly applicable to your situation, but it also covers several aspects that most designers may not have realized are an issue in their systems.


Your year in events – the conferences you have attended and plan to attend this year, which events inspire you? Which conference do you feel has been/will be most important this year?

I don’t have any conferences planned this year, but my colleagues Kees Kooij and Ivo Pothof do:
- Kees Kooij will attend the 8th International Conference on Sewer Processes & Networks
- Ivo Pothof will attend the 2nd internation conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating


Your next project – do you aim to build on the work you did for Hydraulic Design and Management of Wastewater Transport Systems, or work within a different area?

Deltares is currently cooperating with the Delft University on a new project where we look at “domestic slurry”, water with a very high concentration of waste/silt, resulting in a non-newtonian fluid. I’ve worked on the design and construction of the test facility. 


Hydraulic Design and Management of Wastewater Transport Systems is an essential manual of hydraulic knowledge for designing and managing wastewater transport systems.

To find out more about this new publication by Michiel Tukker, Kees Kooij and Ivo Pothof, click here.

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