IWA Publishing is pleased to announce that we will be making all of our journal content free until May 31st. In order to contribute to the collective and collaborative effort of global research surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, we wanted to remove any obstacles in accessing our journal content.

All of our 37,000+ articles can now be freely accessed, read and downloaded.


COVID-19 Related Resources: 

COVID-19 Manual Urgente para Operadores de Gestión Urbana de Agua - FREE eBook available to download. 

We also have some handpicked articles, relevant to the ongoing efforts against COVID-19. All are FREE to read and download: 

Handwashing promotion in humanitarian emergencies: strategies and challenges according to experts

Jelena Vujcic; Pavani K. Ram; Lauren S. Blum

Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development

Translating pathogen knowledge to practice for sanitation decision-making

Innocent K. Tumwebaze; Joan B. Rose; Nynke Hofstra; Matthew E. Verbyla; Isaac Musaazi; Daniel A. Okaali; Rose C. Kaggwa; Irene Nansubuga; Heather M. Murphy

Journal of Water & Health

Surveillance of Influenza A and the pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 in sewage and surface water in the Netherlands

Leo Heijnen; Gertjan Medema

Journal of Water & Health

Viral risks associated with wastewater reuse: modeling virus persistence on wastewater irrigated salad crops

S. R. Peterson; N. J. Ashbolt

Water Science & Technology

Detection of enteric viruses in Hungarian surface waters: first steps towards environmental surveillance

Anita Kern; Mihaly Kadar; Katalin Szomor; György Berencsi; Beatrix Kapusinszky; Marta Vargha

Journal of Water & Health

Concentration and detection of SARS coronavirus in sewage from Xiao Tang Shan hospital and the 309th Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army

X.W. Wang; J. Li; T. Guo; B. Zhen; Q. Kong; B. Yi; Z. Li; N. Song; M. Jin; W. Xiao X. zhu; C. Gu; J. Yin; W. Wei; W. Yao; C. Liu; J. Li; G. Ou; M. Wang; T. Fang; G. Wang; Y. Qiu; H. Wu; F. Chao; J. Li

Water Science & Technology

Protecting human and ecological health under viral threats in Asia

S. Matsui

Water Science & Technology

Viruses in the environment – presence and diversity of bacteriophage and enteric virus populations in the Umhlangane River, Durban, South Africa

Veronna Marie; Johnson Lin

Journal of Water & Health

Coagulant residues’ influence on virus enumeration as shown in a study on virus removal using aluminium, zirconium and chitosan

Ekaterina Christensen; Mette Myrmel

Journal of Water & Health

Emerging Enteric and Potentially Waterborne Pathogens

D. A. Cunliffe

Water & Practice Technology

Surveillance of human viral contamination and physicochemical profiles in a surface water lagoon

G. Fongaro; M. A Nascimento; A. Viancelli; D. Tonetta; M. M. Petrucio; C. R. M. Barardi

Water & Science Technology

Viruses and Shellfish

L. Schwartzbrod; S. Boher

Water & Science Technology

Detection and characterization of human pathogenic viruses circulating in community wastewater using multi target microarrays and polymerase chain reaction

Mark V. M. Wong; Syed A. Hashsham; Erdogan Gulari; Jean-Marie Rouillard; Tiong Gim Aw; Joan B. Rose

Journal of Water & Health

Evaluation of electropositive filtration for recovering norovirus in water

Heetae Lee; Misoon Kim; Soon-Young Paik; Chan Hee Lee; Weon-Hwa Jheong; Jongmin Kim; GwangPyo Ko

Journal of Water & Health

Where future emerging pathogens will come from and what approaches can be used to find them, besides VFARs

Mark D. Sobsey; Suresh D. Pillai

Journal of Water & Health

The Role of Animals in the Waterborne Transmission of Viruses

S. S. Kalter

Water & Science Technology

Efficacy of alcohol-based hand sanitizer on hands soiled with dirt and cooking oil

Amy J. Pickering; Jennifer Davis; Alexandria B. Boehm

Journal of Water & Health

Impact of cemeteries on groundwater contamination by bacteria and viruses – a review

Józef Żychowski; Tomasz Bryndal

Journal of Water & Health


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