Discover the Editor’s Choice: from each issue of leading journal, Water Science & Technology, the Core Team of Editors will select one outstanding paper to make Open Access and share across IWA Publishing platforms.


IWA Publishing is pleased to announce that the seventh Editor's Choice paper, selected by James Ball, is now Open Access (CC BY NC-ND):

Simultaneous removal of Cd2+ and Zn2+ from aqueous solution using an upflow Al-electrocoagulation reactor: optimization by response surface methodology

Vianey Ariadna Burboa-Charis, Eddy Jonatan Moreno-Román,  Juan Antonio Vidales Contreras, Celestino García-Gómez

Water Science & Technology, April 2019; 79 (7): 1297–1308. doi:


Why was this paper selected as the Editor's Choice?

"Heavy metals remain an issue of major concern in the management of urban stormwater drainage. The authors of this article have proposed a treatment methodology based on electrolysis aimed at removing these heavy metals from the waste stream. Presented in the article is a sound methodological investigation of the problem and a clear presentation of the results obtained. I commend to the readers of WST this article on heavy metal removal from a urban drainage stream."

James Ball, Editor


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