Hydrology Research is now in its 50th year and its recent Impact Factor saw an incredible 34.7% increase and reached 2.475

We are sharing 20 high impact papers from the journal and making them free to access.
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High Impact Articles Collection


"New formulation for forecasting streamflow: evolutionary polynomial regression vs. extreme learning machine"

Mohammad Rezaie-Balf, Ozgur Kisi; Hydrology Research, June 2018; 49 3: 939-953.



"Changes in river flood hazard in Europe: a review"

Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Iwona Pińskwar, G. Robert Brakenridge; Hydrology Research, April 2018; 49 (2): 294-302.



"Regional aspects of streamflow droughts in the Andean rivers of Patagonia, Argentina. Links with large-scale climatic oscillations"

Juan Antonio Rivera, Diego C. Araneo, Olga C. Penalba, Ricardo Villalba; Hydrology Research, February 2018; 49 (1), 134-149.          



"Projections of runoff in the Vistula and the Odra river basins with the help of the SWAT model"

Mikołaj Piniewski, Mateusz Szcześniak, Shaochun Huang, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz; Hydrology Research, April 2018; 49 (2): 303-317.    



"Timing of human-induced climate change emergence from internal climate variability for hydrological impact studies"

Mei-Jia Zhuan, Jie Chen, Ming-Xi Shen, Chong-Yu Xu, Hua Chen, Li-Hua Xiong;  Hydrology Research,  April 2018; 49 (2): 421-437.                           



"Long-term streamflow forecasting using SWAT through the integration of the random forests precipitation generator: case study of Danjiangkou Reservoir"

Zhongmin Liang, Tiantian Tang, Binquan Li, Tian Liu, Jun Wang, Yiming Hu; Hydrology Research, October 2018; 49 (5): 1513-1527.



"Exploring the utility of drought indicators to assess climate risks to agricultural productivity in a humid climate"

David Haro-Monteagudo, Andre Daccache, Jerry Knox; Hydrology Research April 2018; 49 (2): 539-551.



"A calibration-free, robust estimation of monthly land surface evapotranspiration rates for continental-scale hydrology"

Jozsef Szilagyi;  Hydrology Research, June 2018; 49 (3): 648-657.     



"Projection of hydro-climatological changes over eastern Himalayan catchment by the evaluation of RegCM4 RCM and CMIP5 GCM models"

Vishal Singh, Ashutosh Sharma, Manish Kumar Goyal; Hydrology Research, February 2019; 50 (1): 117-137.



"Spatiotemporal impacts of land use land cover changes on hydrology from the mechanism perspective using SWAT model with time-varying parameters"

Yunyun Li, Jianxia Chang, Lifeng Luo, Yimin Wang, Aijun Guo, Feng Ma, Jingjing Fan; Hydrology Research, February 2019; 50 (1): 244-261.



"Modelling the frequency distribution of inter-arrival times from daily precipitation time-series in North-West Italy"

Giorgio Baiamonte, Luca Mercalli, Daniele Cat Berro, Carmelo Agnese, Stefano Ferraris;  Hydrology Research, February 2019; 50 (1): 339-357.



"Hydrological responses and adaptive potential of cascaded reservoirs under climate change in Yuan River Basin"

Yuxue Guo, Guohua Fang, Xin Wen, Xiaohui Lei, Yu Yuan, Xiaoying Fu; Hydrology Research, February 2019; 50 (1): 358-378.



"Operational readiness of microwave remote sensing of soil moisture for hydrologic applications"

Wolfgang Wagner, Günter Blöschl, Paolo Pampaloni, Jean-Christophe Calvet, Bizzarro Bizzarri, Jean-Pierre Wigneron, Yann Kerr; Hydrology Research, February 2007; 38 (1): 1-20. 



"Development and testing of the HYPE (Hydrological Predictions for the Environment) water quality model for different spatial scales" 

Göran Lindström, Charlotta Pers, Jörgen Rosberg, Johan Strömqvist, Berit Arheimer; Hydrology Research, June 2010; 41 (3-4): 295-319.  



"Flow prediction by three back propagation techniques using k-fold partitioning of neural network training data"

H. Kerem Cigizoglu, Özgür Kişi; Hydrology Research, February 2005; 36 (1): 49-64.  



"Validation and Intercomparison of Different Updating Procedures for Real-Time Forecasting"

Jens Christian Refsgaard; Hydrology Research, April 1997; 28 (2): 65-84.   



"Distribution-based scaling to improve usability of regional climate model projections for hydrological climate change impacts studies"

Wei Yang, Johan Andréasson, L. Phil Graham, Jonas Olsson, Jörgen Rosberg, Fredrik Wetterhall; Hydrology Research June 2010; 41 (3-4): 211-229.   



"Hydrological function of a thin extensive green roof in southern Sweden"

Lars Bengtsson, Lennart Grahn, Jonas Olsson; Hydrology Research, June 2005; 36 (3): 259-268.    



"River flow forecasting and estimation using different artificial neural network techniques"

Özgür Kişi; Hydrology Research, February 2008; 39 (1): 27-40.



"Rainfall Runoff Modelling Based on Genetic Programming" 

Vladan Babovic, Maarten Keijzer; Hydrology Research, October 2002; 33 (5): 331-346.             



















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