The IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies (LET) presents and champions pioneering science, technological innovation and leading practices that are shaping international water management.

To celebrate this year's event in Edinburgh, IWA Publishing presents a selection of 10 relevant articles in a free collection. Discover top research on Leading Edge Technologies below!

The collection contains a mix of Open Access and free-to-read papers and papers that have been made free throughout June 2019 for the event. Papers marked with an asterix (*) are free until July 1st 2019.


Leading Edge Technologies Collection 2019

Seawater desalination in China: an overview

Zhongfan Zhu, Dingzhi Peng, Hongrui Wang; Journal of Water Reuse & Desalination, June 2019; 9 (2): 115–132.


 “Flood inundation forecasts using validation data generated with the assistance of computer vision

Punit Kumar Bhola, Bhavana B. Nair, Jorge Leandro, Sethuraman N. Rao, Markus Disse; Journal of Hydroinformatics, March 2019; 21 (2): 240–256.


Towards serious gaming for water distribution networks sizing: a teaching experiment”*

Daniele B. Laucelli, Luigi Berardi, Antonietta Simone, Orazio Giustolisi; Journal of Hydroinformatics, March 2019; 21 (2): 207–222.


Sustainable treatment systems for removal of pharmaceutical residues and other priority persistent substances.

C. Baresel, M. Ek, H. Ejhed, A.-S. Allard, J. Magnér, L. Dahlgren, K. Westling, C. Wahlberg, U. Fortkamp, S. Söhr, M. Harding, J. Fång, J. Karlsson; Water Science & Technology, February 2019; 79 (3): 537–543.


Scenario-based prediction of short-term river stage–discharge process using wavelet-EEMD-based relevance vector machine.”*

Roushangar, K. and Alizadeh, F., Journal of Hydroinformatics, January 2019; 21 (1): 56–76.


 “A novel concept to integrate energy recovery into potable water reuse treatment schemes

Nils Horstmeyer, Max Weißbach, Konrad Koch, Jörg E. Drewes; Journal of Water Reuse & Desalination, December 2018; 8 (4): 455–467.


Metamodel for nodal pressure estimation at near real-time in water distribution systems using artificial neural networks.”*

Gustavo Meirelles Lima, Bruno Melo Brentan, Daniel Manzi, Edevar Luvizotto; Journal of Hydroinformatics, March 2018; 20 (2): 486–496.


 “Towards a research agenda for water, sanitation and antimicrobial resistance.

Susanne Wuijts, Harold H. J. L. van den Berg, Jennifer Miller, Lydia Abebe, Mark Sobsey, Antoine Andremont, Kate O. Medlicott, Mark W. J. van Passel, Ana Maria de Roda Husman; Journal of Water & Health, April 2017; 15 (2): 175–184.


Big data and hydroinformatics

Yiheng Chen, Dawei Han; Journal of Hydroinformatics, July 2016; 18 (4): 599–614.


Detecting anomalies in water distribution networks using EPR modelling paradigm.

Daniele Laucelli, Michele Romano, Dragan Savić, Orazio Giustolisi; Journal of Hydroinformatics, May 2016; 18 (3): 409-427.





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