Hydrology Research is announcing its new Young Water Professionals Editorial Board initiative. 

The scheme will provide up to four young water professionals interested in serving on an Editorial Board with the opportunity to join Hydrology Research's International Editorial Board for an initial period of 2 years. 

International Editorial Board members are a vital part of a journal, providing support to the Editor team, acting as ambassadors for the journal, and helping shape journal policy. 

Young Water Professionals Editorial Board members will: 

  • Carry out reveiws in their area of expertise and assist with identifying suitable referees
  • Submit at least one paper to the journal and encourage colleagues to submit papers 
  • Share interesting Hydrology Research papers and promote them on their professional social media platforms, and follow IWA Publishing social media profiles 

Those interested in applying for the position should ensure they meet the application criteria. 

Applicants should: 

  • Have earned a PhD no longer than 5 years ago 
  • Be familiar with peer review, and have written at least five reviews for any journal 
  • Special consideration will be given to applicants who are a member of either IWA, BHS, NHF, IHS or DHG 
  • Have published at least five times in the last 5 years in journals with an Impact Factor 

Interested parties should submit as their application a short CV, including a list of publications. Applications should be sure to mention how they meet the criteria, including their activities with any one of the associations affiliated with the journals (BHS, NHF, IHS or DHG

Applications should be sent to hydrology [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk no later than February 29th 2020. 

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