The annual IWA Development Congress will take place from the 1st to the 5th of December in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

We have made 25 articles FREE to read in conjunction with the Development Congress. 

All of the articles relate to the themes of development and sustainability as well as some key themes set out for the workshops and technical sessions. 

Find out more about the congress here. 

Explore the collection below! 



Free to access articles:

"Developing water and sanitation services in refugee settings from emergency to sustainability – the case of Zaatari Camp in Jordan"

A. W. C. van der Helm, A. Bhai, F. Coloni, W. J. G. Koning, P. T. de Bakker; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2017; 7 (3), 521-527. 


"Sustainability of a sanitation program in flooded areas of the Brazilian Amazon"

Maria Cecilia Rosinski Lima Gomes, Edila Arnaud Ferreira Moura, João Paulo, Borges Pedro, Maria Mercês Bezerra, Otacílio Soares Brito; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2015; 5 (2), 261-270.


"A question on sustainability of drinking water supply: a district level analysis of India using analytic hierarchy process"

Anamika Poonia, Milap Punia; Water Policy, 2018; 20 (4), 712-724.            


"Does rainwater harvesting pay? Water–energy nexus assessment as a tool to achieve sustainability in water management"

Rita Marteleira, Samuel Niza; Journal of Water & Climate Change, 2018; 9 (3), 480-489. 


"Sustainability of decentralized wastewater treatment technologies"

A. G. Capodaglio, A. Callegari, D. Cecconet, D. Molognoni; Water Practice & Technology, 2017; 12 (2), 463-477. 


"Cultural determinants of sanitation uptake and sustainability: local values and traditional roles in rural Bali, Indonesia"

Ni Made Utami Dwipayanti, Shannon Rutherford, Cordia Chu; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2019; 9 (3), 438-499.


"An optimization procedure for the sustainable management of water resources"

Mario Maiolo, Daniela Pantusa; Water Supply, 2016; 16 (1), 61-69.


"Improving chemical cleaning of fouled membranes in a drinking water treatment plant"

Susumu Hasegawa, Yasuhiro Tanaka, Naokazu Wake, Ryosuke Takagi, Hideto Matsuyama; Water Supply, 2019.            


"Manganese removal processes at 10 groundwater fed full-scale drinking water treatment plants"

I. L. Breda, L. Ramsay, D. A. Søborg, R. Dimitrova, P. Roslev; Water Quality Research Journal, 2019. 



"A carbon black floating film for seawater desalination based on interfacial solar heating"

Miaomiao Ye, Kehang Zhu, Jiahao Gao, Rong Chen, Tuqiao Zhang; Water Supply, 2019. 


"Estimated burden of disease from arsenic in drinking water supplied by domestic wells in the United States"

Susan Lavinia Greco, Anna Belova, Jacqueline Haskell, Lorraine Backer; Water & Health, 2019


"Resource-efficient infrastructure for fast growing cities – realization of a Resource Recovery Center"

J. Tolksdorf, P. Cornel, M. Wagner; Water Practice & Technology, 2018; 13 (3), 513-523. 


"Editorial: Algal technologies for wastewater treatment and resource recovery"

Raul Muñoz, Hardy Temmink, Anthony M. Verschoor, Peter van der Steen; Water Science & Technology, 2018; 78 (1), 1-2.


"Faecal sludge as a solid industrial fuel: a pilot-scale study"

Moritz Gold, Daniel Isaac Waya Ddiba, Alsane Seck, Patrick Sekigongo, Alassane Diene, Serigne Diaw, Seydou Niang, Charles Niwagaba, Linda Strande; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2017;  7 (2),  243-251.                  


"Towards sustainable urban sanitation: a capacity-building approach to wastewater mapping for small towns in India"

N. C. Narayanan, Isha Ray, Govind Gopakumar, Poonam Argade; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2018, 8 (2), 227-237


"Decision sciences in the management of water resources: multi-criteria methods and game theory applied to the field of sanitation"

Alexandre Bevilacqua Leoneti, Eduardo Cleto Pires; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2017; 7 (2), 229-242.


"Putting WASH in the water cycle: climate change, water resources and the future of water, sanitation and hygiene challenges in Pacific Island Countries"

Wade L. Hadwen, Bronwyn Powell, Morgan C. MacDonald, Mark Elliott, Terence Chan, Wolfgang Gernjak, William G. L. Aalbersberg; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2015; 5 (2), 183-191.


"Human excreta: a resource or a taboo? Assessing the socio-cultural barriers, acceptability, and reuse of human excreta as a resource in Kakul Village District Abbottabad, Northwestern Pakistan"

Abda Khalid; Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 2017; 8, (1), 71-80.


"Water reuse in the production of non-reinforced concrete elements: An alternative for decentralized wastewater management"

Natalia Cangussu Duarte, Ana Elitha dos Santos Amaral, Bianca Graziella, Lento Araujo Gomes, Gustavo Henrique Siqueira, Adriano Luiz Tonetti; Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 2019; 9 (3), 596-600.


"The struggle for water in Indonesia: the role of women and children as household water fetcher"

S. Irianti, P. Prasetyoputra; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2019; 9 (3), 540-548.  


"Business model analysis for faecal sludge collection and transport services in Thailand and Vietnam"

Ta Hung Anh, Thammarat Koottatep, Chongrak Polprasert; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2018; 8 (3), 556-567. 


"Towards sustained sanitation services: a review of existing frameworks and an alternative framework combining ecological and sanitation life stage approaches"

Ni Made Utami Dwipayanti, Tri Dung Phung, Shannon Rutherford, Cordia Chu; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2017; 7 (1), 25-42.


"Production and characteristics of sewage sludge in Italy"

Giuseppe Mininni, Elena Mauro, Bernardo Piccioli, Giordano Colarullo, Filippo Brandolini, Paolo Giacomelli; Water Science & Technology, 2019; 79 (4), 619-626.


"Prevalence and diversity of intestinal helminth eggs in pit latrine sludge of a tropical urban area"

Wilfried Arsène Letah Nzouebet, Ives Magloire Kengne Noumsi, Andrea Rechenburg; Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Development, 2016; 6 (4): 622-630.


"Water services in small towns in developing countries: at the tail end of development"

Mireia Tutusaus, Klaas Schwartz; Water Policy, 2018; 20 (S1), 1-11.





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