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Name and title:

Peng Wang, Associate Professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

Areas of expertise:

Environmental nanotechnology, solar energy, special wettability materials, two dimensional nanomaterials.

Peng Wang has authored the coherent handbook Rational Design of Next-generation Nanomaterials and Nanodevices for Water Applications.



This year will be the 14th Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies (LET 2017). Why is this event important?

The LET has been a flagship conference of IWA and it provides a great platform where relevant players are brought together, including researchers from academia and professionals from industry, to share the latest innovation and exchange visions for future development in water field.


This year, LET 2017 is dedicated to technology solutions in the water-energy-food interface. What do you think/hope this will achieve?

Water, energy and food are the three inextricably connected grand challenges of our times. I hope that LET 2017 would create a great momentum of viewing and furthermore taking actions on these challenges in an interconnected manner by regulatory agencies, water industry, and academician. It is to the benefit of our entire society.   


What, for you, has been the most significant or exciting development in water and wastewater technologies in recent years?

For someone whose research interest is in on environmental nanotechnology, I am particularly excited at the fact that the concept of nano has penetrated into many parts of clean water technologies and a lot of talented young researchers have devoted their efforts into this exciting facet of water research.  


Find out more about LET 2017 here.

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