The world as we know it urgently needs to become water-wise...

We need to address global water challenges to accommodate an increasing population, more complex pollution sources, rapid urbanization, and a changing climate with more extreme weather where water quality and quantity need to be addressed simultaneously.

Water Practice & Technology publishes papers on all practical aspects of the water cycle. Our target audience is primarily practitioners, but the journal will also be of interest to scientists, managers, and those active in training and professional development, i.e. those who are driving the water sector forward and want to share and discuss experiences with the rest of the water community.

We try to look beyond traditional academic traits and focus on high-class, informative case studies, practical "know-how" reports, full-scale applications of new technologies, "best practice" and applied management concepts, including lessons learned from unsuccessful experiences. Subjects covered include solutions to practical problems in the design, operation or management of water supply, wastewater treatment, drainage and flood protection, and environmental management, including social, economic and public participation aspects of water.

The Editorial Board consists of water professionals dedicated to promoting improved management of water resources and a good aquatic environment. We have experience across different parts of the sector, consultancy firms, industrial enterprises, municipal administrations, government agencies, and research and teaching institutions.

Together, with our authors and readers, we will do our best to make Water Practice & Technology a forum that reaches out to the world and inspires change to create a water-wise world, step by step.

— Henrik Aspegren - Editor-in-Chief, Water Practice & Technology

Does your area of research fit within the scope of Water Practice & Technology? Why not submit your research to see if it can find a home!



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