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GTAR: a new ensemble evolutionary autoregressive approach to model dissolved organic carbon

Water, sanitation, and hygiene practices among rural households and related health impacts: a case study from some North Indian villages

Assessing the deteriorating water quality in wards of Jaipur city through GIS interpolation

Backwashing of granular media filters and membranes for water treatment: a review

Factors influencing the use of rainwater for agricultural irrigation: the case of greenhouse agriculture in southeast Spain


The economic impact of water supply disruption from the Selangor River, Malaysia

Impact of bioretention cells in cities with a cold climate: modeling snow management based on a case study

Framework for the documentation of nature-based solutions for stormwater management

Toward a comprehensive functional typology of stormwater control measures for hydrological and water quality modeling purposes

Re-naturing cities through water-centric development: evaluating a canal restoration project in Narayanganj City, Bangladesh


Physico-chemical and microbiological assessment of domestic water supply in Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines

Water infiltration rate in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal amidst present urbanization and land-use change

Water or sediment? Assessing seasonal microplastic accumulation from wastewater treatment works

Evaluation of land use/land cover datasets in hydrological modelling using the SWAT model

Trophic status estimation of case-2 water bodies of the Godavari River basin using satellite imagery and artificial neural network (ANN)


Land-use and land-cover change and its impact on flood hazard occurrence in Wabi Shebele River Basin of Ethiopia

Hydrological drought in two largest river-connecting lakes in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, China

Application of GIS and remote sensing in morphometric analysis of river basin at the south-western part of great Ganges delta, Bangladesh

Evaluation of NEX-GDDP-CMIP6 in simulation performance and drought capture utility over China – based on DISO

Determination of Clark unit hydrograph parameters for estimating probable maximum flood


Implementación de embalses en cálculos hidrológicos con Iber

Modelación numérica de la trayectoria del sargazo pelágico utilizando ecuaciones Brownianas con aplicación a las aguas de la Península de Yucatán, México 

Evaluación hidráulica en laboratorio de goteros de bajo caudal usados en cultivos intensivos bajo plástico

Evaluación de una paleta vegetal apta para el tratamiento de aguas grises ligeras en soluciones basadas en la naturaleza 

Retornos de la inversión en la conservación de cuencas tropicales incluyendo la emisión de bonos de carbono


Effects of pumping flow rates on the estimation of hydrogeological parameters

Quality monitoring of inland water bodies using Google Earth Engine

Development of an integrated multi-objective approach to formulate optimal harvesting policies with the aim of sustainable management of groundwater resources: study area: Varamin Plain 

Urban flood forecasting using a hybrid modeling approach based on a deep learning technique

Real-time water quality detection based on fluctuation feature analysis with the LSTM model


Application of MK trend and test of Sen's slope estimator to measure impact of climate change on the adoption of conservation agriculture in Ethiopia 

Flood risk assessment using analytical hierarchy process: A case study from the Cheliff-Ghrib watershed, Algeria 

Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall in a changing climate: a review

Assessments of the impacts of land use/land cover change on water resources: Tana Sub-Basin, Ethiopia 

Sub-watershed prioritization using morphometric analysis, principal component analysis, hypsometric analysis, land use/land cover analysis, and machine learning approaches in the Peddavagu River Basin, India 


First evidence of free-living Naegleria species in recreational lakes of Alberta, Canada

Detection of Acanthamoeba spp. in groundwater sources in a rural area in the Philippines

Is the presence of mosquitoes an indicator of poor environmental sanitation?

Cooling tower Legionella pneumophila surveillance results: Vancouver, Canada, 2021

Community health impacts after a jet fuel leak contaminated a drinking water system: Oahu, Hawaii, November 2021 


An exploration of market organic sanitary products for improving menstrual health and environmental impact 

Linking poverty with water and sanitation in targeting households for achieving sustainable development 

Status of drinking water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene in West Bengal: evidence from the National Family Health Survey of India (NFHS), 2019–2021 

Engaging boys in menstrual hygiene management (MHM) interventions in Bangladeshi schools: a pilot study to assess acceptability and feasibility 

Availability and accessibility of toilet facilities among low-income households in selected settlements of Cape Coast Metropolis, Ghana 


Need to adopt scaled decentralized systems in the water infrastructure to achieve sustainability and build resilience 

Factors affecting sanitation coverage in three income levels and potential toward achieving SDG 6.2 

Disparities in drinking water quality: evidence from California

Agricultural irrigation water price apportionment and sharing

Defining and acting on water poverty in England and Wales


Impacts of illegal solid waste dumping on the water quality of the Mthatha River

HEC-RAS 2D modeling for flood inundation mapping: a case study of the Krishna River Basin

Estimation and mapping of water quality parameters using satellite images: a case study of Two Rivers Dam, Kenya 

Estimation of irrigation water requirement and irrigation scheduling for major crops using the CROPWAT model and climatic data 

Synthesis of activated carbon from banana peels for dye removal of an aqueous solution in textile industries: optimization, kinetics, and isotherm aspects 


Tannery effluent treatment and its environmental impact: a review of current practices and emerging technologies 

Measuring nitrate concentration in surface waters with a microfluidic device facilitated by a miniaturized capacitive deionization cell 

Prioritization of micropollutants based on removal effort in drinking water purification treatment 

A comparative study of several types of indices for river quality assessment

Pesticide removal by the bioaugmentation process in secondary treated wastewater


A review of urban rainwater harvesting in China

Bioremoval efficiency and metabolomic profiles of cellular responses of Chlorella pyrenoidosa to phenol and 4-fluorophenol 

Removal of antibiotics with different charges in water by graphene oxide membranes

Wastewater reuse and recycling of the steel industry in China: history, current situation, and future perspectives 

Recovery of precious metals from processed wastewater: conventional techniques nexus advanced and pragmatic alternatives 


Microplastics in wastewater treatment plants: Sources, properties, removal efficiency, removal mechanisms, and interactions with pollutants 

A review of microplastic removal from water and wastewater by membrane technologies

Remote sensing and GIS-based watershed prioritization for land and water conservation planning and management 

Comparing machine-learning-based black box techniques and white box models to predict rainfall-runoff in a northern area of Iraq, the Little Khabur River 

Dam failure analysis and flood disaster simulation under various scenarios


Water scarcity and excess: water insecurity in cities of Nepal

Microbial contamination analysis of drinking water from bulk dispensers and fast-food restaurants in the Eastern Coachella Valley, California 

Methods for detection and enumeration of coliforms in drinking water: a review

A survey on applications of machine learning algorithms in water quality assessment and water supply and management 

Water footprint assessment and its importance in Indian context: a meta-review

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