As we are about to head into the New Year, IWA Publishing are pleased to announce that the Aims and Scope of Water Supply have now been expanded to incorporate the following areas:

  • Water treatment technologies, including reuse and recycling
  • Drinking water quality
  • Water pollutants, characteristics and effects
  • Water Supply in specific climates (e.g. arid, Semi-arid)
  • Water Security, including water safety plans
  • Water-energy-food-nexus
  • Water distribution systems
  • Digitalisation of water distribution systems
  • Smart water supply systems
  • Hydraulics of water supply systems, including transients’
  • Water supply in mega cities
  • Optimisation of water supply systems
  • Karst systems
  • Artificial Intelligence methods in water supply
  • Climate change impacts on water supply
  • Integrated management of water resources (including reservoirs)
  • Water Storage
  • Cascading effects between water infrastructure systems
  • Drought risk management
  • Leakage management
  • Water utility management including economic and social aspects
  • Asset management
  • Pump scheduling
  • Instrumentation

Our mission is to make sure that we focus on all aspects of water supply, which we believe that the above list does.


To see the full aims and scope, please go to this page.

You can submit your manuscript, including papers on these new categories, here.


We look forward to receiving your papers soon!

Michelle Herbert
Managing Editor
IWA Publishing

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