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In this Q&A we speak to Emmanuel Nyadzi, researcher at Wageningen University, about his areas of interest, tips for young researchers and the importance of Open Access in his own experience. Watch the full interview below!       



Tell us about yourself – what are your areas of interest? What stage are you at in your career?

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Water Systems and Global Change group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. And of course my research is focussed mainly on understanding the complexities of climate and environmental change on natural systems and human systems and developing robust adaptation measures. In doing so I strive to address relevant research gaps while serving the practical needs of society. Currently, my research is focused on water and climate services in particular: predictability, impact, risk, vulnerability and also climate change adaptation.

Why do you think Open Access is important?

Open access for me, is so important such that I find it a moral obligation which needs to be championed by all researchers. I say so for several reasons:

First, it offers opportunities for researchers in less privileged institutions and countries to have access to the latest literature in order to conduct relevant studies. For example, as an bachelors student in Ghana some years back, I remember how difficult it was for me to access some relevant literature for my thesis and even my studies in general. And even now, I still have friends and old colleagues contacting me to help them download some papers they are unable to access.

Secondly, it prevents research repetitions. If all research outputs are made available and accessible, it can guide other scientists on what has been done and has not been done.

Third, it increases the impacts of our research work because many people are able to access it and more importantly it also increases citations which is an important indicator or measure for every academic

What are you excited to do as an Open Access ambassador?

Being an ambassador for Open Access gives me an opportunity to talk more about a topic that is so dear to my heart, that is Open Access, because I have knowledge on how difficult it is to access literature.  It also offers me a wide network of researchers to share ideas and to collaborate. I also think as an ambassador, the one thing I will seek to do is to project the voice of Open Access most widely, starting from my university and my department and all my research colleagues, we have to champion the need for Open Access to our research departments.

Do you have a top research or Open Access tip for young researchers?

As a matter of fact the only advice I think I would give young researchers please do not hesitate to share your work, share knowledge and make it available for everyone to access because not everybody is privileged enough to have access to things that you have. When you’re sharing you begin to learn more and open your networks and also your confidence because more people know about your work and you get more popular as a research scientist. So please do not hesitate at all, share your work, make it available. Thank you


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