Open Access Week 2018: Celebrating Our Progress Towards OA

It’s Day 1 of International Open Access week and this year’s theme is “designing equitable foundations for open knowledge.” In other words -

“This year’s theme reflects a scholarly system in transition. While governments, funders, universities, publishers, and scholars are increasingly adopting open policies and practices, how these are actually implemented is still in flux. As open becomes the default, all stakeholders must be intentional about designing these new, open systems to ensure that they are inclusive, equitable, and truly serve the needs of a diverse global community. (Shockey, 2018)

At IWA Publishing, we’re actively engaged in transitioning more and more of our portfolio to Open Access. This year, we launched our latest fully Open Access journal, Blue-Green Systems, bringing together cutting edge research on sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible water use in cities. Last year, we flipped our Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination to Open Access, making it the only fully Open Access journal in the desalination field, and launched our interdisciplinary open access water journal – H2Open Journal.  


At the same time, we’re working on ways to remove barriers to publishing open access. Authors from developing countries that fall on Research4Life’s A and B list are eligible for 100% or 50% waivers on our Open Access fees, respectively. Likewise, we’re actively working to establish Open Access partnerships with institutions world-wise so affiliated authors can publish open access with us for free.

This week, follow us as we celebrate our progress towards open access with a blog a day on our different milestones including OA options at IWA Publishing, Research4Life waivers, institutional agreements, and some data highlighting the success of our OA publications. 

Don’t forget to join us on Wednesday 24 October for a webinar on the ‘Essentials of Open Access’. 3:00pm UK time | 4:00pm CEST | 10:am EDT





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