Peer Review Week is a global event celebrating the essential role that good peer review plays in maintaing scientific quality in scholarly communications. The high scientific standards maintained by IWA Publishing journals owe much to the continuing dedication of the journals' reviewers, who freely give their time and expertise.

This year the event explores the theme of “Trust in Peer Review”. We asked some editorial team heads to share their thoughts on this year's theme – what does "Trust in Peer Review" mean and why is it important?


       Stephen Gray, Editor, Journal of Water Reuse & Desalination

"Peer review provides unbiased assessment of publications, ensuring paper quality and providing comments for improved paper quality.  When done properly, peer review works to improve the quality of publications and is a fearless discussion of novel edge ideas between colleagues."


       Nevil Wyndham Quinn, Editor-in-Chief, Hydrology Research

"Trust in the peer review process emerges when our engagement is yes, critical, but most importantly also constructive, collegiate and collaborative.


       D. Nagesh Kumar, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Water & Climate Change

"The peer review process plays a very important role in assessing the relevance and quality of a manuscript for its publication. Many authors get immensely benefited from the scholarly reviews and thought-provoking suggestions in significantly improving their research contributions in the manuscript."


       Peter Vanrolleghem, Editor, Water Quality Research Journal

"Trust in peer review relies on a scientific progress-driven objective evaluation of manuscripts by carefully selected reviewers that can fully understand the different aspects of a manuscript. This trust can be maximized when readers realize that the reviewers, through their constructive comments, have the ambition to improve a manuscript, in this way de facto become a kind of hidden co-author of the manuscript."



Find out more about this year's Peer Review Week: click here.

For some advice on how to review a scientific paper, see our post from last year's Peer Review Week: click here.

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