Thanks to the kind support of the Canadian Association on Water Quality (CAWQ), a selection of papers from the Water Quality Research Journal have been made Open Access. 

The Water Quality Research Journal is the official journal of the association. 

Read the Editorial: 'L'avenir est prometteur. L'avenir est ouvert!' (The future is bright, the future is open!)

Browse the papers below: 

Manganese removal processes during start-up of inoculated and non-inoculated drinking water biofilters 

I. L. Breda, D. A. Søborg, L. Ramsay and P. Roslev

Water Quality Research Journal, (2019) 54 (1): 47–56.

Pharmaceuticals and pesticides in rural community drinking waters of Quebec, Canada – a regional study on the susceptibility to source contamination

Barry Husk, Juan Sebastian Sanchez, Roland Leduc, Larissa Takser, Olivier Savary and Hubert Cabana

Water Quality Research Journal, (2019) 54 (2): 88–103.

Prewhitened causality analysis for the chlorophyll-a concentration in the Yeongsan River system

Eunhyung Lee, Sanghyun Kim, Eunhye Na and Kyunghyun Kim

Water Quality Research Journal, (2019) 54 (2): 161–177.

A comparative analysis of practitioners' experience in sediment remediation projects to highlight best practices

Zobia Jawed and Gail Krantzberg

Water Quality Research Journal, (2019) 54 (1): 10–33.

Manganese removal processes at 10 groundwater fed full-scale drinking water treatment plants

I. L. Breda, L. Ramsay, D. A. Søborg, R. Dimitrova and P. Roslev

Water Quality Research Journal, (2019) 54 (4): 326–337.

Ecotoxicological study of landfill leachate treated in the ANAMMOX process

Filip Gamoń, Mariusz Tomaszewski and Aleksandra Ziembińska-Buczyńska

Water Quality Research Journal, (2019) 54 (3): 230–241.

Ultrasonic pretreatment for anaerobic digestion of suspended and attached growth sludges 

Peter Roebuck, Kevin Kennedy and Robert Delatolla

Water Quality Research Journal, (2019) 54 (4): 265–277.

Feasibility study for the production of multi-oxidants from the desalination of seawater brine

Chiung-Ta Wu, Chen-Yu Chang, Yi-Ying Li and Po-Hsiung Lin

Water Quality Research Journal, (2019) 54 (3): 242–248.

Joint effects of five environmental factors on the growth of cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa

Guikun Hu and Qingtian Zhang

Water Quality Research Journal, (2018) 54 (2): 79-87

Impact of local climate change on drinking water quality in a distribution system

David Eugene Kimbrough

Water Quality Research Journal, (2019) 54 (3): 179–192.



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