Water Science & Technology’s Inaugural Annual Reviewer of the Year Award

Water Science & Technology is pleased to announce its inaugural annual Reviewer Of The Year award!

There are many ways reviewers can be assessed by a journal, through the quality of peer review as well as how engaged they are with the journal. The Reviewer Of The Year was chosen by Professor Wolfgang Rauch, Editor-in Chief of Water Science & Technology, with the help of the Water Science & Technology Core Team of Editors.

Water Science & Technology annually acknowledges all of the reviewers who have completed a review, but this award recognises those who have really made a difference to the journal.

We are awarding the following prizes:

Reviewer Of The Year, who will receive a book voucher worth $250, as well as an Open Access waiver code, which can be used when submitting a paper to Water Science & Technology

Three Super Reviewers, who will each receive an Open Access waiver code to be used when submitting a paper to Water Science & Technology

Eight Commended Reviewers, who each receive a commendation for their work on Water Science & Technology

We have focused on the 2018 reviewers to be the first beneficiaries of this award and are pleased to announce the winners from last year as follows:

Reviewer of the year:

Professor Taro Urase, Tokyo University of Technology, Japan

Super Reviewers:

Professor Dongbo Wang, Tongji University, China

Professor Guilherme Dotto, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria-UFSM, Brazil

Dr Rob Eldridge, retired, Australia

Commended Reviewers:

Professor Xiangke Wang, North China Electric Power University, China

Dr Xiaotang Du, Praxair Inc, USA

Dr David Cecil, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Dr Ming-Cheng Shih, I-Shou University, Taiwan

Dr Dipak Rana, University of Ottawa, Canada

Dr Mohammad Najafzadeh, Graduate University of Advanced Technology-Kerman, Iran

Dr Olivier Lefebvre, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Mr Jordi Cros Herrero, ADASA Sistemas, SAU, Spain

Spotlight on the Reviewer of the Year 

Professor Taro Urase, was born in 1967, and obtained his Ph.D. (D. Eng.) from the University of Tokyo. He has been a Professor at the School of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Tokyo University of Technology since 2008. Professor Urase’s current research is focused on wastewater treatment by membrane technology as well as antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in the environment.

We asked Professor Urase to answer some questions about being a reviewer on Water Science & Technology:

Why did you choose to become a reviewer for Water Science & Technology?

When I first received a review request from WST, I didn't feel like I could decline the invite as I wanted to help share my knowledge in this area.

How do you choose which papers you review for the journal?

I like papers on case studies and field research as well as papers dealing with cutting-edge research.

What is your top tip when reviewing papers?

Not research for research but research for others and for future.





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