About the author

Name and title(s):

Rodrigo Valladares Linares, I currently hold a Senior Innovation Manager at Rotoplas, a Mexican company that designs, develops and delivers water solution systems that improve the lives of people in rural and urban areas of Mexico and Latin America.

Areas of expertise:

wastewater treatment; desalination; forward osmosis; biofouling; membrane processes.

Rodrigo Valladares Linares is co-editor of the forthcoming book, Recent Developments in Forward Osmosis Processes.



This year, the UN’s World Water Day is dedicated to topics in wastewater. What do you think/hope this will achieve?

Dedicating the UN’s World Water Day to wastewater helps people realize the need for better sanitation services around the world, not only to protect human health, but to reduce the environmental impact of wastewater discharges into soil and water bodies. This event will create awareness for the water industry, users, and service providers/operators on the importance of developing wastewater technologies that can cope with our growing need to create sustainable communities.

Why is the topic of wastewater important?

Wastewater will be seen as a source of fresh water, nutrients and raw materials, rather than just a waste. Wastewater has taken importance as our conventional drinking water sources continue to be depleted and overexploited. The time has come to change paradigms.

What do you think is the most significant change or development in wastewater research/treatment in recent years?

Precisely all the efforts towards combining wastewater and drinking water into a circular model, direct potable reuse, and nutrient/materials recovery. Wastewater is not a waste anymore.

How might you suggest people get involved and/or learn more about the significance of wastewater?

Workshops and interactive sessions with kids should be prepared to raise awareness at an early age, we need to change our perspective and habits, and the best way to do it is starting with the youngsters. 


To learn more about World Water Day, visit the website.

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