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Name and title(s):

Professor Mooyoung Han, Seoul National University Rainwater Research Centre

Chairman of IWA Rainwater Harvesting and Management Specialist Group

Areas of expertise:

Rainwater Harvesting and Management, Water Treatment, Resource Circulated Sanitation

Mooyoung Han is co-author of new book, Hydrological Design of Multipurpose Micro-catchment Rainwater Management.



This year, the UN’s World Water Day is dedicated to the concept of “Nature for Water”. What do you think/hope this will achieve?

This “Nature for Water” concept will encourage sustainable water management solutions to make everyone happy, as water, nature and the next generation are everyone’s concern. This attitude will reduce conflicts made by water management.

Why are nature-based solutions and environmental considerations in water important?

The NBS concept in water is important because it does not use energy other than natural potential energy for treatment of water and transport of water. There are little or no by-products or waste if NBS is used. It is self –regulated and it has multipurpose functions.

In recent years in the water industry, what do you think is the most significant development in nature-based solutions?

Rainwater Harvesting is a good example of NBS. In Rainwater Harvesting, clean water quality can be maintained by increasing the capability of gravity separation and naturally developed biofilm inside the storage, or an eco-system can be well developed near a rainwater pond.

How might you suggest people get involved and/or learn more about topics within “Nature for Water”?

Unlock the potential of rainwater by clearing scientific misunderstanding of rainwater. People should be get involved in collecting rainwater in various scales. People can start developing rain buildings, rain offices, rain campuses, rain villages and eventually rain cities, where all citizens will understand the importance of rainwater and try to collect rainwater where it falls. We can reduce the energy requirement for water treatment and water transport when we collect roof harvested rainwater and use it both for non-drinking or drinking purposes.


To learn more about World Water Day, visit the website.


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