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Professor Dr. Nicolas R. Dalezios

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Agrometeorology, Hydrometeorology, Agrohydrology, Remote Sensing, Modelling, Environmental Hazards, Risk Assessment and Management, Climate Variability/Change.

Nicolas R. Dalezios is editor of key book, Environmental Hazards Methodologies for Risk Assessment and Management.



This year, the UN’s World Water Day is dedicated to the concept of “Nature for Water”. What do you think/hope this will achieve?

The overall objective is to increase popular awareness about the global issue of water resources availability due to several factors and causes, such as population increase, uneven distribution of resources, or climatic and geographical water diversity, among others. The growing awareness is expected to gradually increase public participation in common affairs, which are vital for quality of life, as is water.

Why are nature-based solutions and environmental considerations in water important?

Nature-based solutions may include the reuse of water, weather modification, namely rain enhancement through cloud seeding, and to some extent desalination. In general, nature-based solutions are considered significant, since they consist of methodologies which are friendly to the environment, they are usually inexpensive and they do not pollute or harm the environment.

In recent years in the water industry, what do you think is the most significant development in nature-based solutions?

Firstly, the establishment of nature-based solutions in the water industry as opposed to conventional and usually costly engineering structures, which also affect the environment. Secondly, the increasing reliability of nature-based solutions, which leads to gradual adoption by the international community and society.

How might you suggest people get involved and/or learn more about topics within “Nature for Water”?

There are several ways to achieve this objective and goal, such as education and training, public awareness through various available conventional and electronic means, as well as participation and involvement in public discussions, forums or activities.


To learn more about World Water Day, visit the website.


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