Discover the Editor's Choice: From each issue of the Water Supply a member of the Editorial Board selects one outstanding paper to share across IWA Publishing platforms.  

IWA Publishing is pleased to announce that the 5th Editor's Choice Paper, chosen by Cristiana di Cristo, is: 

Experiment and fitting calculation of migration critical velocity of small-sized sediment particles erosion in rainwater pipeline

Cuiyun Liu, Yanzhi Chen, Yuting Yang, Jingqin Zhou, Yiyang Wang, Jie Zhou, Xiaohua Zhang

Why was this paper chosen?

This paper was chosen because its outcomes on basic aspects of incipient sediment transport could have very important applications in urban drainage and sewer systems design and management. In fact, the modification of hydrological regimes related to climate change is having a great impact on the reliability of those systems. The paper presents an interesting experimental study about the incipient movement of small-size sediments in a rainwater pipeline during rainfall considering different pipe materials, particles size and cohesion, thickness of the sediment layer. The results illustrate the influence of all those parameters on the movement of the particles. It also derived a mathematical model to fit the critical velocity of migration. The obtained results furnish useful information about the operating conditions producing the movement of small-size sediment particles, which is crucial to avoid deposits and for controlling rainwater pollution.  

Cristiana di Cristo, Editor.

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