Discover the Editor's Choice: From each issue of the leading journal Water Science & Technology the core team of editors select one outstanding paper to make Open Access and share across IWA Publishing platforms. 

IWA Publishing is pleased to announce that the 24th Editor's Choice Paper, chosen by Leiv Rieger, is now Open Access: 

"Effects of total suspended solids, particle size, and effluent temperature on the kinetics of peracetic acid decomposition in municipal wastewater"

Tasnim Amerian, Ramin Farnood, Siva Sarathy and Domenico Santoro

Why was this paper selected for Editor's Choice? 

Disinfection of water resource recovery effluent is a major concern both in terms of water quality and treatment costs. The disinfectant evaluated in this study, Peracetic Acid (PAA), seems to result in significantly reduced toxic by-products as compared to a standard chlorination process. This very structured study is looking into the impacting factors total suspended solids (TSS) and particle size distribution under varying temperatures. The results are well-presented and thoroughly discussed in view of improved design recommendations. 

Levi Rieger, Editor. 


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