Discover the Editor's Choice: From each issue of the leading journal Water Science & Technology the core team of editors select one outstanding paper to share across IWA Publishing platforms. 

IWA Publishing is pleased to announce that the 34th Editor's Choice Paper, chosen by Guoren Xu is now Open Access: 

Inactivation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes by electrochemical oxidation/electro-Fenton process

Lei Chen, Zhi Zhou, Chaofeng Shen and Yilu Xu

Why was this paper selected for Editor's Choice? 

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes in the environment are of great concern due to their potential risk to human health. This paper has investigated some effective ways to make these substances inactive, which shows good results. I recommend this paper to you as readers, as it will be a useful paper that will increase your knowledge of this area.

Guoren Xu, Editor. 


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