Discover the Editor's Choice: From each issue of the leading journal, Water Science & Technology, a member of the Editorial Board selects one outstanding paper to share across IWA Publishing platforms.  

IWA Publishing is pleased to announce that the 59th Editor's Choice Paper, chosen by Professor Faisal I. Hai, is:

Improving aeration systems in saline water (part II): effect of different salts and diffuser type on oxygen transfer of fine-bubble aeration systems

J. Behnisch; M. Schwarz; J. Trippel; M. Engelhart; M. Wagner

Why was this paper chosen?

Aeration cost constitutes a significant portion of the overall cost of operation of biological wastewater treatment. Fine-bubble aeration systems are used to satisfy the oxygen demand of microorganisms in activated sludge. Thus it is important to design effective aeration systems. Notably, dissolved oxygen decreases significantly as salt levels increase. Industrial wastewater may contain different kinds of salts depending on the type of industry. This study assessed the effects of different salts, diffuser type and diffuser density on oxygen transfer. The authors have proposed an analytical approach, which enables the investigation of the coalescence behaviour of any aeration system and mixed salt solution by evaluating the results of oxygen transfer tests. This method was validated in pilot scale. The data have been clearly presented and critically discussed with reference to literature. The experiments in this study were conducted with salt solutions in absence of biological sludge. Thus the coalescence behaviour in a biological tank and fouling of the diffusers need to be further studied. Nevertheless, a particular reason of choosing this paper is that it includes lab- as well as pilot-scale validation of the findings and based on that offers design considerations for aeration in saline water.

I hope that the readers of Water Science and Technology will also find this paper useful.

Professor Faisal I. Hai, Editor

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