Guest post by Lauren McNeill, Marketing Manager at Kudos

The pressure to create and demonstrate impact for your work means you have to work harder to ensure it is found, read, applied and cited. But you don’t have to be a communications expert, or to invest a lot of time. Kudos provides you with simple tools and guidance to help you maximize readership and citations for your work.

Authors can now use Kudos to create summary PDFs of their articles, for uploading to sites like ResearchGate and, and sharing via email and other online channels. The summary PDFs contain links to the full text on the publisher sites, enabling authors to create a record for their work in multiple places, while consolidating and measuring the usage of that work in a single place.


What is the Kudos S-PDF?

The S-PDF provides researchers with a means to write and share a high-level overview for each of their publications, giving the broader context of their work and helping improve discoverability and understanding by a wide audience. It also provides a means for authors and participating publishers to understand the relative efficacy of a variety of platforms and channels in driving views and usage of articles, books and book chapters. The S-PDF comprises bibliographic information, a plain language summary, and a link to the publisher version of record. It is a complement to other initiatives designed to help researchers improve copyright-compliant visibility for their work on scholarly collaboration networks and via other PDF-based sharing platforms and media.

S-PDF helps you to:

  • Maximize the readership counts for your work by consolidating all readership in one place, ensuring that statistics reported to your institution, publisher and funder are as complete as possible.
  • Share your work via scholarly collaboration networks (like ResearchGate, and Mendeley) in a fully copyright-compliant way and with added-value content that will help more people find, understand and develop an interest in your work.
  • Easily compare the results of your sharing via these networks with the results of your other efforts to share (e.g. social media, email, blogs, posters).


How do IWAP authors get access to the S-PDF tool?

Authors need to be a registered Kudos user to gain full access to the shareable PDF, alongside other useful tools to help increase and measure the impact of their published work. Register here:

If you are already a registered Kudos user, sign in here to create your S-PDF.

Find out more about S-PDF and how to share your research on different SCNs:

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