"By documenting lessons learned and promoting best practices, knowledge dissemination and cross-sector collaboration, the industry as a whole can benefit."

Didier Carron, Jan Janssens and Joe Dalton, authors of Performance-Based Contracts for Improving Utilities Efficiency: Experiences and Perspectives


In 2011, IWA launched its Task Group on Performance-Based Contracts (PBCs) to support the growing awareness and implementation of PBCs in the water sector. A product of this collaboration between water sector experts was the publication of an important book, Performance-Based Contracts for Improving Utilities Efficiency, in August 2018. This compendium of case studies and contributions was written by members of the Task Group and experts from the IWA network, focusing on new industry approaches.

In a new interview, IWA Projects Consultant Jessica Ertel asked the authors, Didier Carron, Jan Janssens and Joe Dalton, about how this collective work gives visibility to innovative financial instruments that can support the growth of sustainable water utilities.

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Authors: Jan Janssens, Didier Carron, Philippe Marin, Philip Giantris & Tom Williams

Published: 15/08/2018

Available in paperback and ebook formats



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