Would the poor slum dweller contribute financially for water supply and why?

Following the publication of research from 23 slums of Kolkata, India, author Indranil De considers the willingness of different ethnic groups to pay for better water supply and the factors that affect this.

The Wastewater life cycle inventory tool by 2.-0 LCA consultants

In October 2015 2.-0 LCA consultants released the "WW LCI tool", developed with three major industrial companies, to generate life cycle inventories (LCIs) associated with disposing of chemicals down the drain or directly into the aquatic environment. This article offers a short overview of the tool.

Author interview: Michiel Tukker

Michiel Tukker, co-author of the recently published Hydraulic Design and Management of Wastewater Transport Systems, offers insight into his new book, his research and a new project in partnership with Delft University.

Experiences of Budapest Waterworks with state, municipal ownership structures and with the involvement of private funding

This journal author post covers some key points of a case study of Budapest Waterworks during changes of ownership and funding, considering the pros and cons of private funding and of Public Private Partnership projects in the water sector.

Additional Resources for Guidelines for Using Activated Sludge Models (ISBN: 9781843391746) Additional Resources for Guidelines for Using Activated Sludge Models (ISBN: 9781843391746)

This page provides additional material to complement Guidelines for Using Activated Sludge Models (part of the Scientific and Technical Report series) by the IWA Task Group on Good Modelling Practice. These resources are designed to assist Good Modelling Practice (GMP) in activated sludge modelling and include case studies, spreadsheets with error-checked Gujer Matrices and various modelling tools in spreadsheet format.

Measuring Willingness-to-Pay for Water and Sanitation by People Living with HIV and AIDs in South Africa

Journal author Dr Ephias M. Makaudze outlines the significance of his studies into the importance of clean water and safe sanitation to people living with HIV and AIDs in South Africa, where rising urban slum population increasingly strains the resources of local municipalities.

Annex 1 for Arsenic Contamination in the World Annex 1 for Arsenic Contamination in the World

Annex 1 is a summary database which provides supplementary material for content in Susan Murcott's book, Arsenic Contamination in the World: An International Sourcebook (2012).

Transboundary water politics as processes: the ‘circle of hydro-hegemony’

In a time of global political disenchantment, author Filippo Menga shares his opinion on the politics of water.

A new approach for studying the operation of a secondary sedimentation tank (SST)

Lucio Pezza, expert on the management, control and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plants, covers some key concerns of his new article on the operation of secondary sedimentation  tanks (SSTs).

The Zika virus: we should expect more like it! The Zika virus: we should expect more like it!

Robert Armon, author of the comprehensive book: Environmental Aspects of Zoonotic Diseases (2012), sheds light on the global problem of flaviviruses such as Zika. He notes that this recently publicised disease is just one example of many severe viruses that could flourish in the right environmental conditions.


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